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We are strategists, executors, relationship builders, and influencers. Our passion is technology. Our business model is different from traditional consulting firms that have layers of middle and higher management that charge you for “Thought Leadership”. We do what we say and we do it quickly. Our experts, led by our internationally recognized Architects and Scientists, ensure that your digital solutions are aligned to best practices, scalable, and fit perfectly into your digital landscape.

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Manufacturing Truffle

Families was keen on developing and implementing an entirely new website that was a restructure of two major branded sites, Families and Mums in the Know. With a very tight schedule to complete the project from the point of selecting Sitefinity CMS, the client was looking for a company having immense expertise on the Sitefinity development platform. They needed a CMS that was intuitive, flexible, robust, easy to use and could meet their present business needs and accommodate mobility, personalization and various other enhancements.

Solutions that fulfilled the Families Online’s requirements. From the perspective of flexibility and functionality that we were looking for, we found the choosing Telerik’s Sitefinity CMS would enable us tackle the complex challenge and build a functional and a responsive website. After exhaustive research and a thorough vetting process, the Families website was built from conception to launch. Our team organized and prioritized various modules from both the sites and then worked to build enhanced features that would impact the user experience.

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The ultimate solution delivered a clean and uncluttered experience. The launch of the Sitefinity based site benefited the visitors with powerful navigation and offered them a host of new features. The process of changing and posting content also took a dramatic turn for the better and the client had more control over the entire process.

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